Growth Shares

An innovative instrument to finance corporate growth


Through Growth Shares we aim at promoting the development of Italian companies, thus enabling the collection of additional financial resources, while maintaining a stable ownership structure.


Growth Shares are an innovative category of shares that permit to finance company growth.


FOR THE Entrepreneur
Growth Shares enable the entrepreneur to implement development projects without losing control over the company.

FOR THE Market
Growth Shares enable the Market to invest in companies with innovative medium/long term industrial projects and to benefit from favorable conditions (among which, the automatic conversion into ordinary shares in any event of loss of control or mandatory takeover bid).

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Extra dividend versus the Ordinary Shares is defined, case by case, in the By-Laws of the issuing company (+20% for Isagro)

Automatic conversion into Ordinary Shares, in the ratio 1:1, in any event of loss of control or mandatory takeover bid

Absence of voting right