Synthesis and Formulation

Isagro provides a broad range of innovative solutions, that are specific and trusted in terms of quality, through efficient formulations aiming at an excellent productivity with a very low environmental impact. Isagro deals with every phase of the production process including the steps before the production itself, i.e.: product synthesis and formulation.

Among Isagro goals: new Copper-based formulations.



Manufacturing takes place at 4 plants in Italy (Adria, Aprilia, Bussi sul Tirino and Novara). Isagro takes care of and protects the development of human resources’ skills and their professional growth.

The main brands used by the Group within the distribution and the production areas are patented (mainly invention patents) and registered (granted patents) especially in Italy and in European Countries, in many foreign markets for those classes of products that best characterize the business of the Group.


Location Activities
Adria (Rovigo) Synthesis, formulation and packaging of cupric agrochemicals
Aprilia (Latina)

Synthesis and formulation of agrochemicals

Bussi sul Tirino Synthesis of Tetraconazole
Novara Microorganisms fermentation and pheromones formulation