Isagro Group

Isagro and its subsidiaries are owned by American Gowan Group (a multinational with over 1,300 employees, over 27 entities and sales in over 70 countries throughout the world). Isagro is a Company employing more than 329 people. It was established in 1993 and listed in 2003 on the Italian Stock Exchange. On August 9 2021, by means of resolution no. 8789 of August 3, 2021 issued by Borsa Italiana, the Shares of Isagro (ISIN IT0001069902) have been revoked from listing on the Mercato Telematico Azionario, Segment STAR (so-called delisting), in accordance with Article 2.5.1, paragraph 6, of the Stock Exchange Regulation.

Isagro carries out its manufacturing activities at 4 sites in Italy with direct distribution in Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Spain and United States and it is also present in other countries with legal entities holding local registrations.

Isagro sells in over 70 countries, with a Consolidated revenues of € 110 million.
(2020, Dec.31 results):