Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors of Isagro S.p.A. approved the updated version of Group's Code of Ethics on March 29th, 2022.
The "Code of Ethics" describes the rules that the Company needs to comply with to achieve its social responsibility objectives. Isagro undertakes to abide by a model of sustainable growth founded on the respect of its customers, the value creation for its shareholders, the quality of its products and services, the attention devoted to the work of its employees, their expectations and, in more general terms, to the appreciation of its stakeholders.
The Code of Ethics clearly defines the set of values and principles whose observance has not to be ignored for a proper management of our business. The Code of Ethics is circulated within Isagro and distributed to all third parties doing business with us that are equally required to comply therewith.
The values and principles set out in this Code of Ethics also outline the policies and directives applicable to separate companies and operating units that form part of Isagro as a whole. Our contractors are therefore required to abide by said values and principles.
In summary, the Code of Ethics sets out the principles of business conduct, the ethical conduct requirements that directors, employees and collaborators are required to comply with and the rules of conduct applicable to relationships between the Company and its stakeholders.