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Isagro Research Center dedicated to Renato Ugo in his memory: R&D CENTER RENATO UGO

May 14, 2021 - Change of control finalized: Isagro becomes controlled by Gowan

August 09, 2021 - Delisting: Isagro is now Gowan





Within the new business model of the Group focused on "Integrated Crop Management", we highlight the following two operations:

• acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of Phoenix-Del, an Italian company operating in the registration and sale of Copper-based agropharmaceuticals;

• sale of the molecule Fluindapyr to the North American company FMC Corporation


Redefining of the business model for a project of growth in the copper fungicides and Biosolutions, leveraging also on the valorisation of our Organic Agchem assets

Starting Biosolutions direct sales in Italy

Sale of Isagro Asia


Submission in Brazil of new proprietary fungicide Fluindapyr – based mixtures.

Finalisazion with Arysta a long-term commercial agreement to distribute Isagro’s Fluindapyr-based mixtures for use in soybeans and other row crops in Brazil.


License and supply agreement for Kiralaxyl with Gowan.

Authorization for distribution on the Italian Market obtained for Ecodian SL Biosolution.


Inauguration of the new Research Center in Novara.

Start of the commercial exploitation of the new soil fumigant ‘Dominus’ in the United States.

Creation of Isagro Singapore with a focus on market development in the Asia Pacific region.


ISEM S.r.l. dissolution.

Isagro new Capital Increase through the issue of a new class of shares called ‘Growth Shares’.


Strategic alliance with an industrial partner, the Gowan Company (USA).

Isem (a 50-50 joint venture between Chemtura and Isagro) sells Valifenalate fungicide to Belchim.

Isem sells Orthosulfamuron to Nihon Nohyaku Co. Ltd.


Isagro Ricerca S.r.l. merger into ISAGRO S.p.A.

Co-development with FMC Corporation (USA) of a new proprietary fungicide to be exploited worldwide.


Creation of ISEM, a 50-50 joint venture with Chemtura Agrosolutions (USA) for the development of two molecules originated by Isagro’s R&D, Valifenalate and Orthosulfamuron.

Isagro completes its strategic repositioning by withdrawing from distribution in Italy and Brazil.


ISAGRO S.p.A. capital increase of 1.550.000 euros, with the goal of accelerating the Business Plan fulfilment after the acquisitions made during 2006 in Brazil, Columbia and Argentina.


Entry in direct distribution and formulation in Brazil, Columbia and Argentina, through incorporation of Isagro Sipcam International, a 50-50 joint venture between ISAGRO and Sipcam.


ISAGRO, with a minority stake, participates in the share capital of Arterra BioScience S.r.l., a research company active in the fields of biology and molecular genetics, based in Naples.

Isagro Colombia is created for the Colombian market distribution.

ISAGRO builds a manufacturing plant for the Tetraconazole final synthesis in Bussi sul Tirino (PE).


Incorporation of Isagro Brasil and its branch in Cuba.

ISAGRO is admitted to the Star Segment of the Stock Exchange Market run by Borsa Italiana.


ISAGRO is listed on the Stock Exchange Market in Borsa Italiana.

Isagro USA is created, with a direct presence on the USA market.


Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd, the Japanese largest chemical group, joins Isagro Italia replacing Rohm and Haas. Siapa is merged into Isagro Italia.


ISAGRO creates Isagro BioFarming S.r.l. to approach the market of products intended for organic agriculture and acquires the majority of Biochem, a company active in the field of microorganisms’ research and production.

Subsequently, ISAGRO acquires the agrochemical business branch of Caffaro, an important chance of growth for Isagro Group that therefore could enter the copper-based fungicide business and take advantage of the presence in Italy of the main distribution network of Caffaro (Siapa S.r.l.).

Isagro Asia is created by acquiring the agrochemical business branch of RPG LifeScience, a company specialized in agropharmaceuticals’ synthesis, formulation and packaging. Such acquisition guarantees to ISAGRO a chemical synthesis production capacity and entry into the Indian distribution market.


ISAGRO concludes a cooperation agreement with Bayer CropScience S.p.A. for the incorporations of AgriFormula, active in the fields of product formulation and packaging, also on behalf of third parties.


Isagro Italia S.r.l. is created: an Italian market distribution company.


Isagro becomes a joint stock company and creates Isagro Ricerca Srl, whose partners are the Japanese Arysta LifeScience Corporation, its American subsidiary Arvesta Corporation and Phyteurop S.A..


ISAGRO eleven managers, led by Giorgio Basile, take over the company through a management buy-out.