Novara Plant

Novara - The organic product plant

Via Fauser 28
28100 - Novara (NO)
Tel. +39 0321 693601
Fax +39 0321 693887

The Novara organic products’ facility was created in 2006 for the development and production of formulated products based on natural microorganisms.
The plant, equipped with liquid fermenters (4000 liter capacity) and a thermostatic room for solid substrate fermentation, can produce liquid and solid formulated products that can be used in both farming (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides) and environmental treatments (starters and additives for organic waste treatment plants). The plant does not exhale significant gaseous emissions into the atmosphere.
The washing effluent is either neutralized or disposed of as waste. From June 2006, the site (including the greenhouses for biological evaluations) employs almost exclusively (98%) groundwater drawn from a private well for industrial requirements.     
Beside the 750 square meter production site, in April 2015 a New Research center, 9,400 square meters in size, was added to the plant in Novara, including 2,250 square meter laboratories and 1,370 square meter greenhouses.