This category includes crop protection products based on microorganisms (fungi) used to control fungal diseases present in the soil and to contain the grapevine Esca Disease. The microorganisms are used principally on vegetables, ornamental plants, grass carpets and vines. The Group’s principal markets for this product are Italy and Spain.
The product that the Group sells contains the strains Trichoderma gamsii + Trichoderma asperellum and is entirely produced at the Novara plant.

The table below contains a description of the crop protection products based on the Group’s proprietary strains of microorganisms.


Active substance Biological activity Principal proprietary trademarks Principal crops treated
Trichoderma gamsii + Trichoderma asperellum Control of fungiin the soil and bait disease control Tenet®, Bioten®, Remedier®, Bio-tam® Vegetables,  ornamental and grass carpets