Fungicides are chemical products used to combat fungi that cause specific diseases to cultivated plants. According to the method of interaction between fungicide and fungus, a distinction can be made between products with a preventive action, which stop the pathogen from getting into the plant and spreading, and products with a curative action, capable of controlling infestation after the pathogen has attacked the host plant.
Fungicides represent a strategic segment for the Group, which has invested and continues to invest a large part of its resources in their development in order to broaden its range of products and thus increase its market share.
The principal markets where they are sold are Brazil, Italy, the United States of America, France, Spain, Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle East.

The table below contains a description of fungicides based on the Group’s principal proprietary
active substances.

Active substance Biological activity Principal proprietary trademarks Principal crops treated
Copper-based Downy mildew and other fungal parasites, bacterial diseases Airone®, Badge®,
Neoram®, Cuprocaffaro®, Pasta Caffaro®, Kentan, Cuproflow®,
Vines, olives, fruit-bearing plants/trees, vegetables.
Tetraconazole          Control of oidium and leaf spot Domark®,
Eminent®, Emerald®,
Galileo®, Mettle®
Maize, soya bean, cotton, beet, cereals, fruit and vegetables.
Kiralaxyl Control of downy mildew Kiralaxyl®, Fantic®,
Sidecar®, Capri®,
Grapevine, potato and vegetables.

*Tetraconazole and Kiralaxyl are marketed in the World in different formulations and mixtures.