This is an important goal, a dream that comes true for all those people who already were there a quarter-century ago, it’s an agrochemical ‘young woman’ who got married at her 10 years only, thus 15 years ago, to the Milan Stock Exchange and is called: Isagro. It wasn’t an easy life to live because of all the difficulties and risks right from its ‘birth’: Isagro is due to the smart and entrepreneurial activity – based on vision, courage and risk acceptance – of a group of managers coming from Montedison, led by Giorgio Basile. He is the one father of such a mid-sized - it would be more correct to say small as regards its dimension and turnover compared to its market partners and competitors - company that points at healing plants and first of all preventing to the highest possible any plant disease, by inventing, developing and proposing the agropharmaceutical products, which access the market after being properly monitored and checked for years by drawn up bodies. The strongly determined Isagro, the honest and industrious Isagro formed by a team, of professionals who are first of all persons, that believed and still believes firmly also in the biological, actually its products portfolio includes the Biosolutions, besides herbicides fungicides insecticides. Isagro core has a name: Discovery, meaning scientific research and co-development of innovative products. Giorgio Basile involved the vast audience of the here mentioned celebration event set up at the Milan Stock Exchange September 13th, 2018 by telling them in detail all these few long successful and unsuccessful years made of results and even big obstacles, of strategies, teamworking, actions, ideas put forward and overall of sustains by individuals who did trust both the company and its people: the persons in the room were thoroughly focused on his words (as they say, you couldn’t hear a pin drop). Let’s here mention, among all, Giuseppe Vigorelli who ran the Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria: he was a friend and an advisor and a supporter to Basile and he, as some others, … made a difference. On that hot Thursday in September, the journalist and interviewer Filippo Astone asked many questions both to Basile and to many personalities who followed him on the stage and witnessed their support and enthusiasm for Isagro and its main creator/s: Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO of Borsa Italiana, Carlo Bonomi, President of Assolombarda, Paolo Lamberti, President of Federchimica, Elena Zambon President of AIDAF[1] as well as the homonymous chemical-pharmaceutical company, and Daniela Mainini, President of the Anti-counterfeiting National Council and regional councilor, here as President of the Centro Studi Grande Milano[2] from which Basile received a prize called “Le Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano” for (also) his human and business ethics and his courage to innovate. A big awesome emotion was palpable in Basile right from the beginning of his speech until the end of the evening and for those who know him well that is so rare.